Ho’olokahi Numerology is a rare, highly accurate birthdate numerology system. It utilizes the art and science of numbers found in the birthdate to reveal the deep psychology, core challenges, natural gifts, and unique purpose path of a person. The Ho’olokahi system originates from the Kundalini Yoga tradition of the 10 energy bodies and is infused with aloha. In Hawaiian, Ho’olokahi means to make peace, whole, or unified. Taken as a whole, the numbers in the birthdate reveal a unique geometry which the individual can utilize to discover a rich life of purpose and fulfillment.

Some things you may experience are:

  • Reveal deep, subconscious psychology so you can reprogram unwanted mental and behavioral patterns
  • Connect with a deep sense of purpose and meaning in your life
  • Find solutions to challenges and barriers and how to overcome the feeling of being “stuck”
  • Discover individualized healthy living prescriptions and how to stay healthy
  • Understand individual communication and learning styles
  • Reveal how to have a healthy romantic relationship
  • Describe group dynamics to help establish roles and responsibilities
  • Understand a persons management or business style



“My Ho’olokahi Numerology Consultation was very affirming and motivating, a perfect tool that helped me clarify and jumpstart my purpose. -Denise, Therapist-

“Tyler goes through each aspect of your birthchart, and the best part is he helps you discover how each of those aspects is already being manifested in your life, or how you can work towards manifesting them. Tyler isn’t just telling you what is on your chart, he is helping you interpret the meaning in your life, now.” – Rebbeca, Writer-

“Tyler’s numerology class was well organized, interesting, practical, and filled with information that I find myself able to use on a daily basis… the accuracy of this system is awesome.” –Liz, Natural Doctor-

“The Ho’olokahi Numerology course has helped me understand so much about my personality and the personality of my friends and family. It has also helped many of my clients. I am definitely interested in doing the Advanced Course next year, so please put my name on the list.” – Linda

“Congratulations on presenting a great numerology course. My only criticism is you didn’t charge enough for the course to equal the energy you gave out…” – Liz

“I wanted to let you know how amazing one of your numerology students is doing!! Shirley gave me such an inspiring reading that I kept the paper and it inspires me to do better every day! You are amazing!” – Cyrina

Ho’olokahi is Hawaii for, “to make unified or whole, to make peace.”  Ho’o means to make, or to call on mana from heaven. Lokahi is the “L” of Aloha and means unified, whole, peace. Ho’olokahi Numerology utilizes the information in your birthdate to make your life unified, whole, and peace.


IMG_0569 2I discovered numerology during medical school in 2007. As a published medical researcher and scientist, I was skeptical of the idea that numbers could provide valuable information about a person’s life. But I was intrigued and began studying a rare form of birthdate numerology.

Since then I have applied it in my life in the areas of health, business, relationships, and personal & professional development. I am continually surprised by the value and accuracy of the information that the Ho’olokahi Birthdate Numerology System provides.

I have done consultations for yogis, CEO’s, acupuncturists, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, politicians, police officers, carpenters, musicians, martial artists – people from all walks of life and from many different countries. They have all been deeply inspired and activated by the information revealed by the Ho’olokahi Numerology.

Third Party Bio: Tyler Mongan is a master numerologist and author of “Ho’olokahi Numerology: a Tool For Simplified, Integrated, and Creative Living.” He has been teaching Ho’olokahi numerology and giving private consultations since 2008. Tyler has utilized the Ho’olokahi numerology system in the areas of yoga, business, health, personal development, and relationships with surprising accuracy and results. Tyler is a 200hr RYT Yoga Instructor, teaching yoga anatomy for Sanghawai, the co-founder of Sacred Strategy, with a mission to activate conscious entrepreneurs, and currently a Ph.D. candidate at Quantum Medicine Institute researching perception medicine. You can find out more about Tyler at www.tylermongan.com



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