Numerology of Prosperity, Wealth, and Money



I have been using this information for years in my numerology consultations, but this is the first time I am publicly sharing these insights into the relationship between your birthdate numerology and money. Below is a list of your birth month and the main challenging belief that rests in your subconscious about money. I also provide tools to remedy this belief so you can discover your true value and have the wealth you desire.

Cultivating a prosperous mind is not an easy task for many of us. Maybe you were taught that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or that “greedy people have money.” And you have manifested these thoughts in your life to reaffirm the negative money mantras you were taught. However, developing a healthy relationship with money and a prosperous mind is possible and the first step is actually really easy. You simply start to fertilize your mind garden with positive thoughts about money.

These thoughts start to plant seeds in the subconscious mind that open you up to new possibilities for abundance in your life. Once you start to think yourself differently, you start to see the world differently – you realize that abundance is all around us.

I have been researching prosperity and money psychology for several years now. During my research I have discovered how our birthdate numerology affects our relationship to money.

Below are the results of my findings.

January (1)

  • PROBLEM:  January birthdates tend to be so independent that they fail to see the value of relationships in life. They flip their mind in the opposite direction and become co-dependent or needy.  The same thing happens to their relationship to money in their life; sometime they feel like they don’t need money, and then they think they cannot live without it. This is a confusing money psychology. Overall they tend to become indifferent towards money. They also have a tendency to feel like they do not DESERVE money or wealth in their life. They feel small and insecure in general and continually give away their power in life, because they feel like they don’t deserve it and want to give it to someone that they think does.
  • SOLUTION: Mantras work really well for the January birthdate because they have a tendency to use their mind to find solutions, especially when life is challenging. Overtime they may be implanting negative money thoughts in the subconscious mind. Use the following mantras daily for 63 days can help replace the negative money thoughts with positive subconscious money thoughts.
    • “I have a balanced relationship with money” –
    • “I am responsible with money”
    • “I deserve wealth, prosperity, and money”

February (2)

  • PROBLEM:  February birthdates tend to focus their life around the need to feel completed in life by something external.  Without money they feel like their life is incomplete. However, the 2 has a trick up their sleeve. They don’t have to get the money themselves, rather they can find a relationship with someone or something outside the self that they can acquire money from. This significant other or other thing may cause a loss of money consciousness, because they no longer need to focus on money as they have a source for it outside the self. However, when that source is gone, the relationship ends, they lose their access to money and they feel incomplete.
  • SOLUTION: Relationship is a key word with the 2. They need to develop a significant relationship with money, but this relationship needs to be direct. They cannot rely on others to be their source of income. For example a house wife with a wealthy husband who satisfies her money needs. Taking the time, energy and action to meet their own money needs is an important goal. At the very least, they need to understand that they have the power in themselves to acquire wealth. A good mantra is “I am complete and whole in myself.”

March (3) & December (12/3)

  • PROBLEM:  March and December birthdates are both 3. The 3 is all about having fun and spending money can become another fun thing to do. They tend to be carefree and not take money matters seriously; they let it just flow in and out of their life. This flow can be healthy or detrimental depending on their money psychology. Because the 3 tends to be a bit wishy-washy they may get taken advantage of when it comes to money and value exchange. They need to establish their value in life and then learn how to stick to it and not let others take advantage of their time and energy.
  • SOLUTION: Establish your wealth frequency – what are you financially worth? Start by exploring what you are currently paid and then see if it aligns with what you want to be paid. If it does not then you are not vibrating at the frequency of what you think you are worth. You can alter this frequency by stating to yourself your true value and then only taking on work that will pay you that amount. You have to stick to this and say “no” to people that do not respect your value. Be aware that you might be over valuing yourself because your subconscious and conscious minds are not in alignment. Mantra: “Money flows in and out of my life according to my true value.”

April (4)

  • PROBLEM:  April birthdays tend to be judgmental and critical of those that have more money then them. They may fall into the trap of thinking that people with money are greedy or that people with money have done harm or wrong in order to have riches. They may also may not understand the logic of how money works or they might have failed to establish a plan to acquiring wealth in their life.
  • SOLUTION: Start with meditation around money, wealth and prosperity. Build a deep psychological and logical understanding of how money works. Make plans on how to acquire wealth. Become non-judgmental of money and see if for what it is, pieces of paper that allow for the exchange of value. Realize that people with money are just people that understand how money works and you can as well – stop judging them because this will block your ability to acquire wealth. You will not become the thing that you judge and criticize. With the 4 it is very important to have a continuous positive affirmation running through the head. For example: “I understand the laws of money”, “people with money add value to the world.”

May (5)

  • PROBLEM:  May birthdates have a lack of motivation, discipline, and energy. When they get money they may tend to hoard it so they can work less in the future. Or they may lack the motivation and persistence necessary to have money and wealth in their life. Also, they may think that they are already the movie star, the performer, and people should naturally just give them money for who they are. Life is their stage and they are always performing, performers get paid.
  • SOLUTION: Discipline and motivation are the key things for the 5 to learn about when trying to earn more money and wealth. They have to learn how to work with persistence to overcome the laziness that is in their subconscious. Once they find the motivation and energy, they become excellent salespersons and people naturally gravitate to them. Mantra: “I have the energy and motivation I need to acquire wealth in my life.”

June (6)

  • PROBLEM:  June birthdates tend to be people of the heart and home. They are people of prayer. They may drop out of school or discontinue things that require alot of mental thought. They also tend to over-commit in life because they really want to help, but they usually cannot follow through on their commitments. To them money and prosperity is all about feeling. If they feel good about money then they have it, but if they feel bad about money then they don’t. They also need to learn how to live a prayer, and not just say a prayer, when asking the divine for prosperity in their life.
  • SOLUTION: The 6 needs to learn how to make only commitments that they can keep, especially when it comes to issues of money. Start by being very conscious of your current commitments. You have to heal your own money issues before helping others heal. They also need to learn how to live their prayers – don’t just pray for things, live them into reality while holding the prayer in the heart.  Finally, the 6 needs to develop a powerful and positive feeling about money. Do a meditation while holding money over the heart and then feel all the good things that money can bring into life. Imagine money and prosperity as a great source for healing in your life and in the lives of the people around you.

July (7)

  • PROBLEM:  July birthdates have a tendency to not feel safe and secure in life and also want to know how things work. They may shy away from talking about money and want to keep their thoughts and feelings about money to themselves. Or they may want to build a fortress to hid their money away in, even if it is only a small treasure.  They are also cautious in apply idea when they don’t know how they work. This can limit their ability to acquire wealth if they have not taken the time to understand the concepts of the quality and the quantity of money.
  • SOLUTION: Take time to understand how money works, both in the physical and psychological realms. Learn the basics of accounting and then investigate how to activate a positive money psychology. Take the money system apart and then learn how to put it back together again. Start to be vocal and talk about money as the voice is very important for the 7. Journal about money,  research it and write out your thoughts on what you learned. Writing a book about money in relationship to your life or profession; even a short book would be very beneficial. Mantra: “I understand how money works” and “My money is safe and secure.”

August (8)

  • PROBLEM:  August birthdates tend to abuse power and have issues with anger. They may be frustrated with their money situation and take that frustration out on others in their life. They may think they have to acquire money by using power and force to get it, or by controlling other people.
  • SOLUTION: The 8 needs to learn that it has access to all the power, energy and resources it needs. It is the general, manager, and take charge human being. They have the ability to mobilize resources and people around a cause that demands coordinated efforts. They must realize that their role and position in the effort is only one among many. Yes they are the boss, but everyone is part of the team. They need to be compassionate when things don’t go as planned and then redirect the efforts accordingly. When challenges of money arise, start by taking deep breath. Breath moves the emotions and clears the mind so that the right decisions can be made to take the necessary actions towards creating wealth and abundance for the entire army, not just the general. The key thing for the 8 to do is make a decision and take action. Mantra: “I use my power for the prosperity of everyone.”

September (9)

  • PROBLEM:  September birthdates tend to be naive. They get taken advantage of because they think everyone is a good humanitarian just like them. They also have an issue of letting go of money too easily, it just seems to slip away. Maybe they have not even taken the time to know what money is or what it means both on the superficial and deep levels.
  • SOLUTION: Hold on to your money, be aware when it starts to slip away. Realize that people are not perfect and that at times they are not looking out for your best interests. Take the time to increase your knowledge about money on the superficial level and then go deeper with the more subtle and spiritual significance of money in your life. Realize that money is just a psychic vibration. Ultimately, 9 needs to learn how to be a master of money. Mantra: “I am a master of money and I know the deeper meaning of money in my life.”

October (10)

  • PROBLEM:  October birthdates tend to feel unworthy of money and wealth. This is interesting because the 10 is the number of the king and queen. However, they are challenged by self worth; why am I worthy of being royalty? They may feel small or insignificant in life, like the 1. Sometimes they just expect the money to be their or given to them without efforts, as if they really are the king or queen. They may also lack the courage to take the actions necessary to acquire the money they desire.
  • SOLUTION: The 10 needs to learn how to feel worthy. They have it in them to be the king or queen, but they may shy away from their leadership responsibilities. If they simply show up in a place, with 100% presence, their soul will radiate and people will gladly throw riches to their feet. Mantra: “I am worthy of money, and I am worthy to be a leader for others.”

November (11)

  • PROBLEM:  The November birthdate tends to have issue with god and spirit (whatever that means to them). They are angry that they have to do this human thing again and live within the limits of human understanding of prosperity and money. They think the world imperfect because all our needs are not met by default, and without effort. They expect the riches of heaven and ignore the realities of earth.
  • SOLUTION: The 11 needs to embrace and find beauty in the imperfections of earthly and human living. If they can build a relationship with god and spirit they can access the divine inside them and then the divine will manifest in their life. Prosperity and abundance is just a simple connection away. If they are in a state of grace, they can ask for anything they need and it will appear. Develop a strong spiritual practice that connects with the physical aspect of money, prosperity and wealth. Realize that all levels of the human experience exist in one time and place. Mantra: “The divine in me is expressed as prosperity in the physical world.”


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