What is Numerology

Numerology is the use of number qualities, symbolism, systems, and patterns to create meaning in the world. According to Pythagorus, numbers, and the relationship between numbers, provide the foundations for understanding the universe.

Numerology embraces the idea in quantum physics that everything has a vibration. The vibration of a number and of numbers in a relationship, has a specific frequency and quality; things that are associated with a number then share a similar frequency or quality

In general, there is considered three types of numerological systemsThe Chaldean, the Pythagorean (Western), and the Kabbalah. However, this ignores the importance of Chinese numerology (Lo Shu magic square), Vedic numerology, and Yogic Numerology.  More recently, Marko Rodin has devised a system of vortex based mathematics that provides a framework for building Rodin Coils (which seem really cool). 

Numerology can be applied to names and birthdates to bring meaning into life in unique ways. As humans we are the creators of meaning and we have the power to choose what things mean to us. Ultimately, numerology is the exercise of our creative function. It becomes practical when we learn how to apply it in our lives and increase the understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


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