2015 Sets the Tone for Your Life…This is what you need to know

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I am sure you have already heard that 2015 is an 8 Year. But there is much more to it then what you think.

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05.physical energy body

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It is the energy of spiritual and financial abundance, a year to take action and get things down. What you do and accomplish in this year will set the tone for the next two years as we move into 2016 (a 9 year) and 2017 (a 10 year).

But there is a potential for burnout this year. Read the rest of this article to discover how to maximize your 2015, ho to harmonize your personal year number with the 8 energy of 2015, and how to avoid burnout as you move into the completion cycle of 2016.

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I recently did a Ho’olokahi Numerology Consultation for three gentlemen: a police officer from the Midwest, a business owner, who started a flooring company, and a stay at home father. They were visiting Hawaii to train martial arts with a local Kahuna (wise teacher) who happened to be a friend of mine. The Kahuna recommended to the gentlemen that they have their birthdate numerology read by me.

They were all very skeptical of the thought that the numbers in their birthdate could provide accurate and valuable information about their life and purpose.

It reminded me when I was first introduced to this birthdate numerology system (Ho’olokahi Numerology) while I was in medical school. The thought of numbers having more than quantitative meaning did not make sense to my scientific brain.

I am a trained scientist, and published medical researcher, but I am also interested in the power of story and new ways to understand the human experience.

I am sure you have had something in your life that you were at first skeptical of, but you gave it a chance. You started to study it and experience what it had to offer. Over time you found value in it and it became a powerful tool in your life.

I have been applying Ho’olokahi Numerology in my life for the past 8 years in the areas of business, health, self-development, and relationships. I am continually amazed at how valuable and accurate the information is.

Back to the three gentlemen; I was doing the numerology reading for these three guys, one by one, and I could sense their resistance at first. But as I started consulting the numbers I could see a change in their expression and mind.

The three gentlemen could not believe how accurate the information was. One of the more manly of the group was brought to near tears. It verified for him what he knew deep inside to be true. It gave him permission to live own story and solidified his understanding of who he was at the core. All the gentlemen walk away with a deeper sense of purpose and the ability to amplify their 2015.

One of the unique things this Ho’olokahi Numerology system reveals is the yearly cycles of a person’s life and how those can collaborate or conflict with the global year number.

Each year we are offered the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with a part of ourselves through the expression of our personal year number. The year number is part of a 9 year cycle of self mastery that we continually experience throughout our life.


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The global 8 energy of 2015 (2015 = 2+0+1+5 = 8) provides everyone the opportunity to experience spiritual and financial abundance. There is an overall surge of energy and a “get things done” attitude that will drive expansion in all areas of life. It is the number of the General, the super charged human being, and the motivational energy of anger. This is the year to make things happen, at least for most of us.

If you are like me, you are already feeling this energy in your life.

Understanding your personal year number and how it works with the global energy of the 8, allows you the opportunity to take your life to the next level. You can maximize the extra energy you will experience this year, and put those plans and deep seated desires into action.

With all that extra energy of the 8, burnout is a real potential. Make sure to get yourself in the right gear and not waist energy spinning your wheels.


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THE NEXT TWO YEARS – 2016 & 2017



Balancing the drive and expansion of the 8 is the potential for burnout. If you over do it this year then you will not have the energy to thrive in 2016.

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Ho'o Lokahi Numerology Chart

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The global 9 energy of 2016 will challenge humanity to detach and let go of the past. It forces individuals and social structures to re-evaluate which things support their purpose and which things cause them to become scattered.

The 9 year of 2016 can be a difficult time if you did not do your personal work in the 8 year of 2015.

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If you do you use the energy of the 8 to get things done, without burning yourself out, then you can move into the 9 year with enough reserves to thrive.

This is extra important because the 9 year of 2016 is preparing you for the 10 energy of 2017.

The 10 energy is all about new beginnings and letting your soul shine. If we are successful in letting go gracefully in 2016, then you can maximize the start-up energy of 2017 to create a new sense of self and a new life.

As you begin to understand this dynamic flow of life, from the super charged energy of the 8 in 2015 to the new beginnings energy of the 10 in 2017, you can align yourself properly to stay in the flow.

In the flow is where we all want to be.


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Each one of us has a unique personal year number that is influenced by the global 8 energy in 2015. Your personal year number shows you the specific way in which you can experience spiritual and financial abundance this year. When you understand how this works, then you can activate collaboration between your purpose and the global direction.

I can personally show you how to collaborate your 2015 energies to avoid conflict.


Calculating your personal year number is simple. Just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Take the month you were born and add it to the day you were born.

For each month you simply replace the month with its appropriate number.

January = 1

February = 2

March = 3

April = 4

May = 5

June =6

July = 7

August = 8

September = 9

October = 10

November = 11

December = 3 (12 = 1+ 2 = 3)

Once you have your month number then you add that to the day you were born.

For example, if you were born on October 23, then you would add 10 (the number for October) with 23.

10 + 23 = 1+0+2+3 = 6

So, for a person born on October 23 the number is 6.

Step 2: Add the month + day number to the current year number.

For example, we already know that 2015 is an 8 year. To get this number we add all the numbers together: 2+0+1+5 =8.

Then we simply take the 8 and add that to our Month+Day Number. For the example above we add 8 + 6 = 14. In the Ho’olokahi System we reduce all numbers down to 11 or less, so we reduce the 14 by adding the numbers together; 1+4 = 5.

So, for the person born in October 23 the personal year number for 2015 is a 5.


In the next section you will learn how to collaborate your personal year with the global year number. I can also provide very specific detail for you during a Ho’olokahi Consultation.


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Below I list the Personal Year Number, starting with the 8, and how it collaborates or conflicts with the global energy of the 8 in 2015. I also provide a key concept and archetype energy, and show you how to express your best in 2015. You can use this information to amplify your 2015 so you can thrive, not just survive, through 2017.

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8 and 8Activate. Archetype of the Super Charged General Doubled – take charge, get things done – unlimited energy. Mastery of spiritual and financial abundance doubled. High risk for burn out – get in the right gear by staying physically active and having a consistent breath practice. Take two deep breaths before making any decision or speaking from emotions.


9 and 8Calm in Chaos. Archetype of Self Mastery – you are ending a cycle and have all the energy you need to completely let go of the past and move forward. But Don’t start new things and don’t end old things – let things come and go and be accepting. You are in the year of the break pedal and the gas pedal – don’t push both at the same time. Focus on mastering what you are already doing in your life. Take on physical and mental practices that challenge you to stay calm in chaos.

10 and 8Start-up – Archetype of the Entrepreneur. I started two companies in my personal 10 year. This is a great time to start or do that thing you have always wanted. Make sure you follow through – you have the energy to make it happen, so don’t hold back. Wear white to let your soul shine. This is your time to lead yourself and other, into something new.

11 and 8 Infinite Connections – Archetype of the Supercharged Spiritual Guru – relationships will be important this year; keep in mind the most important relationship is the one with the universe (spirituality and god). Be careful about changing relationship status this year, but if you plan to marry do so before September 2015. Keep a solid spiritual practice; you can experience real spiritual abundance this year if you embrace your connection to all things and express that in every area of your life

3 and 8Conscious Flow – Archetype of the Player Coach – You may loose focus this year, and just want to let things happen. But work on flowing with focus and purpose – be conscious of the flow you are in and embrace it, amplify it. . Don’t just wave yourself in the air like a flag in the wind. Don’t make plans, but make decisions. This is the year for you to be the player on a team and at the same time the coach. You make decisions and then you let them flow without attachment to outcome. Wait for 2016 to make big plans. Have fun, stay positive, and take on a service project that allows you to be a part of your community and make your teammates awesome.

4 and 8 – Mental Mastery – Archetype of the Decisive CEO – you have the power to make plans and then magnetize the resources to make the plan real – if you wanted to build something (real or ideal) now is the time. Stay observant, non-judgmental, and think logical in your decision making. Make a plan and stick to it; day by day and month by month the plan will materialize. Meditate often this year, especially when you need perspective to make the right decision.

5 and 8Get in Gear – Archetype of the Olympic Athlete – this is the year to be in your body, get physically active, take on a daily physical practice. This will help you get your life in the right gear and the build momentum necessary to get to where you want to go and to make the changes you want. Network, teach, and politic – get on stage and shine like a star. But be careful not to spin your wheels aimlessly.

6 and 8 Power of the Heart – Archetype of the Head priest or priestess – Stay heart centered, your heart has the power this year to heal itself and others. Make your home a sanctuary, a place that you would imagine yourself being the priest or priestess of. Be aware that the commitments you make this year will have extra power behind them, so make sure the commitment is heart centered. Take some time to dance this year and get into nature, especially when faced with big decisions or challenges.

7 and 8Power of the Voice – Archetype of the Uplifting Motivator – Your presence and voice is full of power this year. Write, speak and sing – share your thoughts and feelings with others, when you feel safe to do so. Make sure you are also taking the time to be a hermit; go into your cave and discover what you really want to say and share. Process your mental thoughts alone. But know that the voice is your means of moving the energy from the mind out. Make solid boundaries with others. It is a great time to write the book you have always wanted, or start singing open mic nights and karaoke.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas of your own. And if you want more information on how to be your best and live your purpose in 2015, don’t hesitate to contact me for a consultation.


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One final note… this is me with my trusted friend, banjo. This is a personal 9 year for me and the last time I had a 9 year I dropped out of medical school and stopped playing the banjo. But a year later the banjo came back to me in a way I never imagined possible. It lead to the formation of a band and 3 years of making amazing music. And I am currently in a Ph.D. program for Natural Medicine, so medicine came back as well. When we have courage to let go, then things can re-align in a way that is more powerful and fruitful.

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What do you need to re-align in your life in 2015 to live your purpose and discover meaningful success?

Found out more about Ho’olokahi Numerology Birthdate Consultations Here.


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