Eleven Energy Bodies

The Eleven Energy Bodies and their correlation to the Practical Numerology Numbers: Soul Body (1), Negative Mind (2), Positive Mind (3), Neutral Mind (4), Physical Body (5), Heart Body (6), Auric Body (7), Pranic Body (8), Subtle Body (9), Radiant Body (10), ALL Energy Bodies Together (11).



00.energy body
Soul Body (1)
02.negative Energy body
Negative Mind (2)
03.positive energy body
Positive Mind (3)
04.neutral energy body
Neutral Mind (4)
05.physical energy body
Physical Body (5)
06.heart energy body
Heart Body (6)
07.aura energy body
Auric Body (7)
09.subtle energy body
Subtle Body (9)
10.radiant energy body
Radiant Body (10)


11.all energy bodies
All Energy Bodies (11)

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